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Chitter, a decentralized chat service for the masses

There are already plenty of services providing decentralized messaging (such as Tox), however, we have yet to see a good service for large, public chat rooms. Enter Chitter.

Chitter operates over CJDNS for fully decentralized routing and peer discovery. Anybody can create and moderate their own channels, be it public or private. Channels are tied directly to your user ID, so they can never be stolen, and duplicates can be identified as such.

Rather than having a single client, Chitter splits the process up into two programs: The daemon, and the traditional client. This allows you to sign in once, and send messages from any client you install without any additional configuration. This means you can use Chitter from the browser, from a desktop client, or even from a video game.

With the Chitter library, developers can easily integrate Chitter clients into their software


Chitter should work on any platform capable of running CJDNS and Python 3. The primary developer (that’s me!) uses Linux, so you can expect the most stable experience to come from Linux systems.

Installation & dependencies

We encourage Linux users to use their system package manager whenever possible, rather than pip. That said, you can install python-cjdns and pynacl using pip install --user cjdns pynacl