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Welcome to BeanCode!

Update 17.12.07 - Cookie Update

Cookies. COOKIES! You can now craft cookies, which are used to provide various special effects on your account (currently, the only cookie available is the Healing Cookie, which heals all your plants). Tasty!

Update 17.11.19 - Place released!

BeanCode's brand-new game, Place, has been released! But I won't waste your time making you read the homepage; you can read more about the game in the Games menu! Have fun!

Update 17.11.07 - No More Reloads - Part 2

There has been a major overhaul of the plant simulator page, which no longer requires any reloads! For those wondering why the homepage is empty, there was a mishap with the site database. A few tweaks have been made to the core plant system as well: Plants no longer disappear whin they die; instead they will become impossible to harvest. At a later date, users will be able to revive dead plants, as well as delete them to clean up the UI